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Mark of the Black Frog
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 - Sarine - Co-Leader

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    Welcome to the site of Mark of the Black Frog, a Luclin(Veeshan) Everquest family. Please feel free to look around, post messages and/or questions or send a note to any of our members, officers or leaders.

    Mark of the Black Frog was founded shortly after the events that surround The Legacy of Ykesha.

    It is rumoured that Faeurn Lordofthedead of Veeshan befriended Croakatoan Blackdeath, a Froglok Wizard, and their adventures began. As the two explored the world, they encountered numerous other individuals with interests much like their own and after a time, Faeurn and Croakatoan decided to bond the adventurers into one family. All were marked by Croakatoan, the black frog, with an identifier of the culture they each chose as their own. (The location of the mark upon each adventurer is held in extreme secrecy, a story for another time.)

    With the untimely disappearance of both Faeurn and Croakatoan, two of the Marked, Lagar and Deathiny, came forward to keep the family together and prosperous. As the Wayfarer Brotherhood was truly settling in throughout the lands, Lagar and Deathiny were proclaimed leaders of Mark of the Black Frog. Today, these two leaders continue to share the honour of guiding one of the finest adventuring families in Norrath.

    Mark of the Black Frog is a close family, adventuring throughout the world, exploring endless possibilities to achieve goals with a constant care to courtesy and respect to others. Any adventurer with at least 70 seasons of experience is welcome to contact our leaders or officers to learn more about acquiring the Mark.

    Safe hunting to you all!

    Tweani Crystaldiamond 5/30/2015 6:52 PM
    Having PC problems again as aways. I hope all is well.
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